Junk Food Habit Or Addiction

Is junk food a habit or addiction? What is in junk food? The answers to these questions are, junk food is exactly that, it is junk. Junk food is laden with sugar and other harmful sustances. Sugar is very addictive. This is why we crave junk food.

sugar is highly addictive


Junk food is defined in the dictionary, as” food, as chips or candy, that is high in calories but of little nutritional value. Anything that is attractive and diverting but of negligible substance…”

Bad Food Bad Body

Consequences of Junk Food Diet



Because of the addictive properties of junk food it is difficult to cut them from your diet. How do you rid yourself of an addiction?
This isn’t an easy challenge to handle. You must first have a burning desire to want to stop. Arm yourself with strategies that work. Replace the bad foods you want so badly with fruit.

Delicious Fruit

Alternative to Candy

Most fruits are naturally sweet, but less harmful. Apples, grapes, pineapple watermelon and strawberries to name just a few of the delicious alternatives.  Taking supplements to help you to cut down your cravings can be helpful as well.


yoga a tool to curb addiction


  1. I’ve discovered from personal experience that a regular exercise routine is a great way to fight addictions.
  2.  It is a well known fact that yoga and meditation offer an effective means of getting rid of harmful addictions.
  3. Taking steps to improve your mental acuity is key in staying on the right side of addiction to junk food.
  4. Include more water, fruit vegetables and nuts in your diet.
  5. Take up an activity or a sport, swimming, cycling, dancing, rock climbing etc.
  6. Work with a partner someone you can call anytime you need encouragement or lose focus.

    Friends fight addictions

  7. Document your progress, use a journal.
  8. Write down all of the benefits associated with living junk food free. Clarity of mind, more energy and stemina.
  9. Stay focused
  10. Reward your efforts with non-junk food items. Get a message, a manicure, pedicure or by yourself tickets to an event you’ll enjoy.

    A Sensual Reward


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