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Is It Possible To ReVerse Aging

Is it possible to reverse aging?

Healthy lifestylrs can reverse aging

Healthy lifestyles reverse aging

If you were driving a car and you put it in reverse it would not go forward it would in fact go backwards. Well in the same way a car will change direction when put in reverse so will your progression of damage if you decide to replace bad habits with better ones.

An example that clearly shows that the aging process can infact be reversed is the fact that your risk  of stroke declines to that of a non-smoker after five years of abstainence. After a ten year abstainence,  your risk of developing lung, mouth and throat cancer declines by about fifty percent. The risk of pancreatic cancer declines to that of a never – smoker.

When bad habits are erradicated the body is able to redirect and restore its processes to rebuild its health. If this isn’t reversing then I don’t know what is.

Some might refer to this as slowing down the aging process, but if a smoker can go from high risk for certain disease to no risk it is a clear and distinct reversal that has taken place.

Studies have found that exercise can reverse the aging process at the cellular level.

reverse aging now

healthy Senior Citizens

Scientist discovered  after six months of resistance training there was dramatic changes at the genetic level. according to Melov, “The genetic fingerprint (of elderly participants) was reversed to that of younger people…”

To reverse something is to change its direction. If you are on the fast track to sickness and death, you can reverse your direction you can slow down and actually add years to your life by making drastic lifestyle changes, that will make it possible to reverse aging. Yes it is possible to reverse aging.





Healthy Diet

What is a healthy diet? Why is a healthy diet important? How can you create a healthy diet? Do you have to give up on taste to have a healthy diet?

A healthy diet consists of healthy food, food that isn’t processed.

Vitamin rich food

Rich in vitamins

Organically grown fruits and vegetables are amongst the healthiest of foods. Raw nuts beans and whole grains are good for your health and well being. When discussing fruits vegetables, nuts

Nutrtious food

Wholesome nuts

and grains there’s a large variety to choose from.

Apples, avocado, apricuts, bananas, grapes, melons and oranges are only a few of many that we can choose from. Vegetables are also varied, broccoli, carrots, cucumbers squash and pumpkin are all great choices for vegetables. Nuts and grains add another dimension to our list of nutritious foods.

Experiment with healthy foods. Find menu’s that titilate the senses. Make a record of the ones that appeal to you and keep a personal diary of the ones you really enjoy. Following are two of my favorite recipies.

Avocado pear and Ezekiel bread, toast the bread mesh the pear into a paste and spread it onto the toast. You may add other vegetables as you desire. Onion is a great condiment for this meal.

Mix together into a bowl of warm oat groats, raisins, sliced bananas and a little almond milk, absolutely delicious.

If you take the time to become accustomed to healthier more nutritious wholesome food you will start to appreciate not only the taste but the enormous health benefits as well. Actually you will find that you enjoy eating a healthy diet

enjoy healthy meals

enjoy healthy meals

because it is really a very delicious option. You will experience increased energy levels,

Eat fruits and vegetables in abundance

Eat right increase energy levels

a refreshed sense of vigor, clarity of mind and an overall sense of wellness, is achieved via a healthy diet.

It is very important to control the amount of food we eat. Discipline and self control aren’t always easy when it comes to eating.  Sometimes a little help is require to keep us on the right track to a healthy diet.